Faraday Laboratory at USC {Academic Page}

Location: 541 Main St, Room 126 & Room 115B (Horizon I Building, University of South Carolina), Columbia, SC 29201.
Co-ordinates: 33.992779, -81.030026 (3359'34.0"N 8101'48.1"W)

A. Research Equipment

1. Agilent 8453 UV-Vis-IR Spectrophotometer [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
2. AJA International ATC Flagship - Sputtering System [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
3. Gamry Reference 600E - Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
4. ilis Strainmatic - Imaging High-Precision Polarimeter [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
5. Newport S-2000 Stabilizer Vibration Isolators and Optical Table [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
6. Pine Research - BiPotentiostat [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
7. Pine Research - Modulated Speed Rotator [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
8. Solartron 1250 - Frequency Response Analyzer [Specifications, Manual, Notes, Pictures]
9. Solartron 1254 - Frequency Response Analyzer [Specifications, Manual, Notes, Pictures]
10. Solartron 1287 - Electrochemical Interface [Specifications, Manual, Notes, Pictures]

B. Accessorial & Handheld Equipment

1. BK Precision 1670A - DC Power Supply [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
2. Bosch DLE40 Professional - Digital Laser Rangefinder [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
3. Branson CPX2800H - Heated Ultrasonic Bath [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
3. Custom-built Video Microscope with Sony ICX205 CCD, Edmund Optics OBJ-7 Front Objective & MMS R-3 Rear Assembly [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
5. Fluke 115 True-RMS Digital Multimeter [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
6. Fluke 52 Series II Digital Thermometer [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
7. Leica Toolmakers Microscope with 4X/0.1, 10X/0.25, 40X/0.65 Objectives [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
8. Mettler Toledo XP Series Micro-Analytical Balance [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
9. Mitutoyo MDC-1" Digimatic Micrometer [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
10. OHAUS CS2000 Compact Scale [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]
11. Terra Universal Dessicator (1678-00A) with Dual Purge (9500-05) & NitroWatch (9500-00A) [Specifications, Manual, Pictures]

C. Gas Tanks & Regulators [Useful Information About Gas Regulators]

1. General Air HPT270-125-580-DK: High-Purity Dual-Stage Regulator (Inlet:0-4000 psi, Outlet:0-200 psi, CGA580/Argon) [Pictures]
2. OSC HPT272A-030-350-DK: High-Purity Dual-Stage Regulator (Inlet:0-4000 psi, Outlet:0-30 psi, CGA350/Hydrogen) [Pictures]
3. Air Liquide HPT270-125-580-4F: High-Purity Dual-Stage Regulator (Inlet:0-4000 psi, Outlet:0-200 psi, CGA580/Argon) [Pictures]
4. TriGas HPT500-125-580-DK: High-Purity Dual-Stage Regulator (Inlet:0-4000 psi, Outlet:0-200 psi, CGA580/Argon) [Pictures]

D. Software

1. Scribner Associates - CorrWare [Version 3.5e, Notes]
2. Scribner Associates - CorrView [Version 3.5e, Notes]

Note: Contents posted in this page are for the exclusive academic/educational use as reference, backup material for the members of Faraday Laboratory at USC. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

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